HOLOGLYPHS is a neologism, fused from the terms ‘whole’ and ‘image’, and describes a poetic style reminiscent of works from T’ang dynasty China, as both literary directions are in-part, image-based. However, unlike T’ang period pieces, the works in this volume are more centered in imagistic archetypes – aspiring to Ezra Pound’s vision of the “Luminous detail”.

These poems are meditative and quiet, yet in similar fashion to descriptions of Harold Budd’s ethereal music, they also possess a thin veneer of serenity that masks darker currents behinds silhouettes of the passing day. Perhaps a more accurate summation of the essence of these pieces would be captured by the Japanese term “Yuugen” [??] – roughly translated as ‘mystery in beauty’.

Yeatts says: “…Poetry must reverberate with the eternal and stand as meditations on what it means to be briefly alive, delivering a distillation and re-animation of transcendent experience, woven of mystery, beauty and the eternal moment…”

This introductory selection of Yeatts’ work presents a unified current that paints patinas of the day’s impermanence, yet never loses touch of the ‘whole image’ contained within the moment’s timeless light.

Praise for HOLOGLYPHS – Twilight Fields:

A marvelous collection of soothing, moving and inspiring works; writings which lead the reader to a place of calm and reflection. Those who genuinely appreciate poetry will be very pleased by this already much celebrated book.

– Leon A. Walker, Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge

Come. Be the guest. Join this artist/poet/traveler on his journey into places you may never visit except by his invitation: Kasha-Katuwe, Sorrel River, Moustier-Sainte-Marie, Chilpancingo, fragments of summer—images held outside of time. A moment of memories, dreams, love and connections–whole images that burn, casting a light beyond the daily horizon, “while the color yet remains.

– James McGrath: Author of seven books of poetry including: At The Edgelessness Of Light, The Sun Is A Wandering Hunter, and Speaking With Magpies.

HOLOGLYPHSTwilight Fields has won multiple literary awards:

  • ● Independent Press Award
  • ● Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
  • ● The Big New York Book Award as the Distinguished Favorite
  • ● Winner of the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Poetry